Helping YOU Build Wealth,
Brick By Brick.
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Aequius Property Investment Dubai Georgia London

Aequius (A-equi-us) is Latin for level, even or equal.


Aequius wants to help you invest in real estate, the smart way > the digital way. We want to enable access to real estate investment for all, through a secure, transparent and equal environment.


The diversification, building a secondary income source through long-term financial assets is something that has been out of reach for the day-to-day saver. We want to help change that.

Aequius Property Investment Dubai Georgia London
What We Do

Combining traditional property investment strategies with today's technology we aim to enable clients to invest as little as 5,000 USD into a property. This is done via fractional ownership of properties listed on our trading platform.


All properties on our trading platform are selected based on location, rental desire and capital appreciation probability. Aequius focuses on the property that will deliver the highest yields for our investors.


Aequius trades alongside its investors; YOU win, WE win.


We remove any emotional link to the property and focus on the yield for our clients

Aequius offers  a property investment experience, with complete peace of mind and hassle-free

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Helping YOU Build Wealth, Brick By Brick.